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The last thing you want is for your boiler to break down in the middle of winter. So it’s a good idea to get your boiler serviced regularly. And whenever gas is involved, you need to make sure you’re employing people who know what they’re doing. As required by law, all of K J Webb Heating & Plumbing Engineers Limited’s engineers are registered with the Gas Safe Register – Registration No. 532374 .


When you need to service your boiler or central heating system, our qualified and experienced team will ensure the work is completed to a professional standard.

A gas safe registered engineer servicing a gas boiler and magnetite filter

Boiler servicing

Have you had your annual boiler service?
  • Many think a boiler service comes at a high cost. They believe that as they have heating they'll chance it through the winter. They'll skip an annual service or two. But it's not just getting it serviced so it won't break down. Firstly, a faulty boiler could be releasing carbon monoxide into your home. And secondly a preperly serviced boiler runs more effeciently, saving you money!

    It is also important to have your boiler serviced annually to preserve any manufacturer’s warranty
  • Heating controls
  • Gas and pressure flow
  • Internal main components
  • Flue and combustion
  • Safety releases
  • Water and gas
  • Electrical connections
  • Seals
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Gas boiler servicing

To keep your central heating system working as safely and effectively as possible, your boiler requires a service once a year. It is also important to have your boiler serviced annually in order to preserve any warranty on the boiler.

A boiler service allows us to check that your boiler and central heating system are safe, and in good working order. A boiler service includes:

  • Removing the boiler casing and inspecting that the components are working
  • Inspecting the boiler for any signs of leaks or corrosion
  • Cleaning the components
  • Put the boiler casing back and ensuring that it is sealed correctly
  • Checking the gas pressure
  • Using a flue gas analyser to check the flue emissions are safe
  • Checking that the condensate pipe and trap is not blocked
  • Cleaning out the magnetite filter if you have one


Every year, Carbon Monoxide poisoning causes the death of around 30 people in Britain. So it’s essential to make sure that the flue of your gas boiler is kept clear. Get K J Webb Heating & Plumbing Engineers Limited to service your boiler, and make sure the family home is heated safely.

Servicing your boiler annually may seem like an unnecessary cost but it can save you money in the long run. A boiler that is working efficiently costs less to run than a boiler that is not working efficiently.

Gas Safety Checks

Landlords have a legal responsibility to maintain and repair gas appliances, gas pipework and flues in their properties. They are required to have an annual gas safety check carried out on gas appliances and keep a record of these, usually with a gas safety certificate. A copy of the record/certificate should also be left in the property for the tenants to view.

Magnetic Filters

Our engineers install and service magnetic/magnetite filters.

Magnetite particles can build up in untreated central heating systems. This causes the central heating system to be inefficient and can cause cold spots on radiators and even boiler breakdowns.

A magnetic filter provides ongoing protection for the central heating system and can help to extend the life of the central heating system.

A gas engineer completing paperwork after servicing a gas boiler and safety check
Gas boiler installed on the wall with flue and pipework
Let your central heating feel the benefit!

Power flushing is a fast and painless way to save yourself money on your heating bills. It works by forcing a powerful flow of water through the central heating circuit. The power flushing unit can be connected to the circuit in place of the system pump. Power flushing uses a special cleansing liquid, such as Fernox.

  • Less strain on your boiler. Power flushing is a proven technique for cleansing a heating system. When you use power flushing, you can give your heating system a thorough clear-out, and get rid of all the limescale and corrosion that has built up. This means less strain on your boiler and so helps to keep it in good condition.
  • Fast results. With the aid of the special cleansing fluid, our engineers can do the job for you in only three or four hours.
  • Manufacturer’s advice. Most manufacturers now recommend that a central heating system should be power flushed before a new boiler is installed. With power flushing, you can make sure that none of the old sludge comes into contact with the new boiler and hampers its performance.
  • Best practice. We operate in accordance with the British Standard Code of Practice BS 7593: 1992 on cleansing a household central heating system. So you can be sure that the job will be done properly.

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